Centre for Arts Research

With over 15 years experience selling Fine Art Giclée Prints to Galleries, Museums and thousands of artists and students, we are now selling the world's highest quality art print reproductions. It took 7 years to digitally restore over 2400 artworks and bring them back to what we believe is their original glory. All reproductions are handled by the Centre for Arts Research via a range of advanced digital processing techniques.

Since opening the first print lab in 2008 we have been 100% Australian made, and no production third parties, affiliates, or outsourcing is involved in our printing production process, we do it all ourselves. We take pride in selling eco-friendly sustainable products to help protect our beautiful environment for future generations. We make sure that our prints are safe for the home and do not use any solvents or toxic products, and yet we still have the most competitive prices and the highest rating for fade resistance (200 years zero fading). Our prints are not only found in thousands of homes, museums and galleries across Australia but also across the world, having sold thousands of art prints to over 40 different countries.

We also accept custom requests for any artworks you cannot find here, or via the contact form. You can also browse the custom shop at www.artist.limited where you can print some art of your own!
NOTE: We sell the finest quality prints only, all with Museum Grade fade resistance with Genuine Canon Inks and Fine Art Papers from Germany, Switzerland, UK and USA ONLY. We never sell anything framed or mounted or stretched. Everything is Posted in cardboard postal tubes. Please read the listings details carefully before ordering and contact us anytime if you have any questions.

All images & prints are appropriations of the original artist's work and/or appropriation of the photograph of that artwork (photographs which are slavish reproductions of the original painting). We retouch each image to include edits that we feel better represent the true vision of the artist and in doing so professionally adjust the image in a way that it becomes our own original appropriated artwork. This involves remastering & restoration techniques that include sharpness, colour correction, scratch removal, distortion removal, cropping, colour adjustment, spot removal, tonal adjustment, and hue/saturation adjustments along with machine learning and neural processing algorithms.

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